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A manic lullabye inspired by the childhood and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Eleven-year-old Edgar Allan has only one goal:

to be the most remarkable boy at Manor House School.

He has only one obstacle: Edgar Allan.

Created and performed by

Katie Hartman & Nick Ryan


In collaboration with Mark Benzel

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-National Post

5 stars.jpg

"A triumph of storytelling"

-Edmonton Journal

5 stars.jpg

"A dark, polished gem"

-Winnipeg FreePress

Edgar Allan Awards.jpeg
5 stars.jpg

"Katie Hartman plays the loquacious Edgar with gawkish and malevolent glee... Nick Ryan's raspy-voiced turn as Edgar's rival is delightfully odd."


5 stars.jpg

"Darkly funny and dangerous... Katie Hartman exudes malice even as she beautifully sings her intent."

-Global News

Edgar Allan is a two-­person musical created and performed by Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan. It follows a pre-adolescent Edgar Allan Poe in his first year at Manor House School, as he seeks to gain academic ascendancy over the student body. All goes to plan until another boy named Edgar Allan arrives in class... which complicates his schemes of dominance.

Edgar Allan is a dark, comedic riff on the the obsessions, the mania, and the insanity that haunted the life and work of America's first professional writer.

Edgar Allan premiered at the 2013 Twin Cities Horror Festival

and has toured across North America.

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