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A manic riff inspired by the adolescence and short stories of

Edgar Allan Poe.

Sixteen year old Eddie Poe has one goal:

to gain mastery over all his subjects at the University of Virginia. He has only one obstacle: Eddie Poe.

A stand-alone sequel to Edgar Allan inspired by the adolescence of Edgar Allan Poe.

Created and performed by

Katie Hartman & Nick Ryan

In collaboration with Mark Benzel

"A worthy, mature sequel to one of my favorite fringe shows of recent years."

-Twin Cities Arts Reader

"Atmospherically gothic with a surprising amount of humor...

Eddie Poe sizzles with delicious temptation."
-Minneapolis City Pages

5 stars.jpg

"Who knew Edgar Allan Poe could be so much fun?"

-Vue Weekly

5 stars.jpg

"A dark and literate musical story" 

-Global News

 "So striking about Eddie Poe is how little things have changed in the nearly 200 years since the dark author penned his short story. The rich remain powerful and the playing field ever tilted. The period costumes are lovely, the acting and music superb.

What Eddie Poe lacks in hopefulness, it makes up for in charm."

-Edmonton Journal

 "It is in many ways their most mature work, more thoughtful and with a broader scope than their previous shows. The Coldharts deserve their rabid following, and 

Eddie Poe reminds us of their talent and creativity. Don’t miss it."

-Cincinnati City Beat

Eddie Poe is a two-­person dark, musical comedy created and performed by

Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan, in collaboration with Mark Benzel.


It follows a sixteen year old Edgar Allan Poe during his first year at the University of Virginia, as he attempts to distinguish himself among the scholarly elite… but he soon finds his old compulsions difficult to control on a campus filled with temptation. Eddie Poe is a dark, comedic riff on the mania, the addictions, and the society that haunted the life and work of America's first professional writer.

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